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SAY WHAT??!!! Professionally edited photos!!

May 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It doesn't always make sense to hire a photographer.  Sometimes it isn't possible, like when you are on vacation.  But you always want your photos to look their best regardless if they were taken by a professional or a family member.  I am now offering professional edits for your own photos.  Make your memories memorable with this far more affordable option.  Choose between Basic Pop and Go Glamour.  

Basic Pop will give your photo an extra boost of color and clarity. It will also adjust white balance, exposure, highlights, shadows and whites to get your photo looking its best..$2.00

Go Glamour will take it a step further and also fix any skin blemishes, complete face sculpting or any specials requests. (shall we say double chins or fat on your arms) ……..$3.50 per image (choice of two from the list below)

  • Double chin
  • skin fix
  • teeth white
  • sun flares
  • arm thinning
  • hair filler

Please email me with any additional questions or special requests about your photos. I would love to hear from you!! 

Thank you for reading,

Mel B

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Go Glamour


Basic Pop w/sun flare





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