OMG! What should we wear to our family photos?

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Hello!  Today I will be going over what to wear to your next family session.  I am going to give you pointers on what will be best for you and your family's next shoot.  There are some key points to take into consideration. 

What colors are in your house?

This is something to think about because you will most likely be hanging these pictures in your home. Pick colors that will look beautiful on the walls of your home.  What rooms will these photos be hung in?  It is best to choose colors that cordinate with whatever room you will be hanging your photos in.  Which brings me to my next point....


Choose a color scheme for your outfits

Rather than everyone wearing the same color or all differnt colors, choose a scheme. Need some help with what a color scheme means?  Check out this link for more info  I personally like complementary or Analogous.  Here are some examples



Don't wear all black or all white

The camera uses a sensor to record the image.  When it see a lot of white or black it cannot properly record the other colors in the scene.  If you want your images to be there very best, keep the white and black to a minimum. 


Photos look best when the image has contrast.  This means you need to take your surroundings into consideration.  If you are going to be in a rustic setting with browns and greens, then wearing bright/deep colors will work best.  You will get that wow factor and you and your family will not blend into your surroundings.  If you wear khaki/green or white, you will get a camouflage effect.


If you have further questions about attire or colors of the location where your photos will be taken please contact me.


Thank you and thanks for taking the time to read this post!!

Mel B


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